How to track Elementor Pro forms with Google Analytics

Tracking form submissions is the digital marketing cornerstone. To manage your indicators you should track them first. For this case we made free plugin Events Tracker for Elementor which allows you to track Elementor Pro forms with Google Analytics in just two clicks.

Prepare to track forms with Google Analytics

First of all, you should to install the Events Tracker for Elementor plugin. See our installation guide to do that. After that, you should configure the plugin.

Understanding new and old Google Analytics tracking code

If your website working for a long time, you probably have GA tracking code and it can be old. That’s not good or bad it’s just a setting up difference. To recognize the old GA code just compare your code with the template from this Analytics tutorial. If your code is alike, just keep it in mind for future. By the way, you can update your tracking code by copy the new and replace the old one.

At the other side is the new code. If you just registered Google Analytics or did it in near future — you have a new code.

Where can you find your GA tracking code and ID?

It’s easy. If you haven’t Google Analytics here you can know how to get it. Then go and log in to your Google Analytics > click Gear admin icon at the left bottom corner > at the Property column choose Tracking info > Tracking code.

Google Analytics tracking ID

You will see the tracking code looks like UA-000000000-0. Copy it and let’s go to the next step.

Events Tracker for Elementor basic setup

Lets configure the plugin you installed. Go to the Elementor > Settings > Events Tracker (tab):

Events Tracker for Elementor basic setup

Here you should fill your GA tracking ID.

If you already have GA tracking code on your website, just paste your tracking ID to the field:

  • Global Site Tag ID (gtag.js) — if you have new tracking code;
  • Google Analytics ID (analytics.js) — if you have old GA tracking code.

If you don’t have tracking code yet, you can set it up in one click. Just put Add gtag simple tracking code checkbox and the right tracking code will paste at the right place.

Attention please! If you already have the tracking code you shouldn’t put the checkbox.

After you finish, scroll down and push Save Changes button. That’s all for prepare and basic setup, let’s begin to track!

Setup for tracking Elementor Pro form

First of all, if you have opened Elementor editor, save your work and reload browser page to see Events Tracker for Elementor in form widget.

At the Content tab you’ll see the Events Tracker spoiler section. Click on it and then turn on the Track with Google Universal Tag (gtag.js) toggle. You’ll see 3 fields to setup your unique event:

  • Event Category — the category for you event. In our case it will be Form;
  • Event Action — what will happen when the form will be filled. It’s lead for us and we will call it Lead;
  • Event Label — extended parameter to identify event. This is not the only one form and it will be with Main label because there are the other forms on the page too.
Events Tracker for Elementor track with GA setup

Fill your data and don’t forget to click Update.

Checking out the form tracking

Let’s check out our work.

  1. Go to your page with form;
  2. Fill and sing up the form;
  3. Go to your Google Analytics > Realtime section > Events. You should see the event appear.
Google Analytics realtime events

How to create event goals in Google Analytics

To setup the Goals for your events use this guide. Just keep in ming that you should:

  • Use Event type goal. Choose it on goal setup;
  • Use the same Event Category, Action and Label for the goal that you used for event.

Important notes

  1. If you just setup you Google Analytics tracking code, you should wait for some time to begin getting any analytics and tracking including page views;
  2. If you just setup the Goal, wait for some time before check it. Analytics caches itself and data may delay;
  3. Make sure that you don’t use any AD block browser tools. They can block tracking at all and you’ll not get the tracking results.

Thats all. We hope that you successfully set up the Elementor Pro form tracking. If not just let us know, we ready to help.

Help friends to track!